Let's make the Sustainable Development Goals’s real in our Ward 71, Cape Town community. In every business and residence. For every neighbour.

    Through our partnerships, we promote co-operation and trust in pursuit of our collective purpose. Our values shape our approach, focus our efforts and produce better results.



    #Foundation Partnership  #LoveWard Partnership  #Give2Grow Partnership 
    Our #Foundation Partnership is all about connection.

      Our Partner Portal is an online directory that showcases businesses and non-profits operating in Ward 71, Cape Town. Our Value Xchange Platform enables businesses and non-profits to exchange time, goods and services between each other without the use of money.
    The #LoveWard Partnership is all about collaboration.

    Businesses and non-profits listed on our Partner Portal can upgrade their partnership level to join the #LoveWard Partnership which offers:

      Access to our private Facebook Group with online tools and ability to meet other organisations to collaborate and grow values-based, resilient organisations

      Our #LoveWard social media branding to advertise your role in our community partnership
      Non-profits can choose to collaborate on community projects
    The #Give2Grow Partnership is all about contribution to high-impact, community-driven projects.

    It is ideal for businesses looking to invest their Corporate Social Responsibility / BE funds in viable, well-governed projects.








    Businesses who can contribute to sustain our community infrastructure that will help us to survive the crisis and grow beyond.

    Partnership fee: R175 pm / R2000 pa
    R90 pm Non-tax deductible




    Partnership Fee: R300pm /R3500 pa
    R90pm Non-tax deductible + contribution towards post-COVID-19 Pandemic projects


    In light of the Coronavirus we provide free and discounted partnerships.

Ward 71, Cape Town