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Physical Address:

16 Palm Street
Cape Town

Postal Address:

Tel: +27 (0)82 071 5183
Email: tracy@sharingourubuntulegacy.com
Our operating hours are 9am-4pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Please connect with us to find out how you can join our Program or contribute towards our Xchange Resource Centre.

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Below are some of the images from our projects showing how SOUL's Xchange Program works. Click on the individual images for the story behind the photo.

Beneficiary Partners pay a monthly fee of R25 to join the Program. If they can't afford this, they can give one hour to an approved project in return for sponsorship. Youth Beneficiary Partners are sponsored onto the Program.

Both adults and youth Beneficiary Partners earn points for educational milestones achieved and time given.

SOUL advocates for donations needed by the beneficiaries and puts these in the Xchange Resource Centre where Beneficiary Partners on the Program can swap their points for the goods they need.



Services we provide:

Management of the Resource and Xchange Centre:
We advocate, collect and store donations that are needed by our Beneficiary Partners. We manage the distribution of these items. SOUL’s Resource and Xchange Centres form part of our long term strategy of making needs-based, new and quality second hand goods and donations available for all the Beneficiary Partners registered on the Xchange Program. SOUL aims to build an Resource and Xchange Centre in every Ward in Cape Town, South Africa.

We fundraise for our Beneficiary Partners based on their needs. We engage with local businesses and residents to facilitate an easy donation portal.

Facilitate network of Community Projects:
We source viable, impactful community projects that our Beneficiary Partners can get involved in. If necessary, we provide administrative and fundraising support to these projects.



SOUL Trust is a registered non-profit Public Benefit Organisation founded in the belief that we need to transform our giving culture in South Africa if we want to grow an inclusive and sustainable nation.

Based on a Give2Grow approach, we encourage community members to uplift themselves and their communities by participating in approved community projects or skill upliftment programs. Through their participation they earn points which they can use to access resources from our Resource Centre which is stocked with second hand or new goods given by those who are able to give.

We call it the SOUL Xchange Program and we believe it is a fantastic vehicle to promote community involvement and upliftment.

After working in Langa, Phillipi East and Westlake we were shocked to see how few resources community members had access to. We wanted to change that. But we also wanted to change a mindset. We wanted people to receive what they needed to uplift themselves without feeling like they were begging for it.

This is how the SOUL Xchange Program was born. We envisioned a space where impoverished yet active community members were able to access items they needed. We also understand outsiders can’t change a community; a community can only truly change when its own members actively work together to change it. We developed a system where members from marginalised communities were connected with grassroots projects, where they could volunteer or learn or both. For their participation they earn points which can be redeemed for resources. Not just any resources, but the resources that they chose according to their own goals and stages of development.

We have found that this mutually beneficial relationship between the community and its members has been very effective in terms of getting resources to where they are needed whilst creating the opportunity for local community members to make the developmental changes required.