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As part of the R500 billion investment that the South African Government will make to stimulate the economy, R200 billion has been made available as guarantees, via the Reserve Bank, to various banks for assisting small businesses which are in distress as a result of Covid-19. Most retail businesses have been severely impacted because of the lockdown.

SA Franchise Warehouse, who has been facilitating loans in the franchise industry for many years, has the infrastructure and knowledge to facilitate and assist small businesses with their application, approval and pay out for a Covid-19 loan at optimum conditions.

The procurement of funding is clearly a race against time for these loans to serve their purpose but the calculation of loan amounts is equally important in view of many uncertainties.

Any business only qualifies once under the Government Guarantee, which means that the optimum amount needs to be applied for. There are no penalties for early settlement in case funds are not fully utilised.

SA Franchise Warehouse has the team and the skill to structure applications in such a way that the optimum loan amount can be applied for within the parameters set by the rules of the scheme.

Although not the preferred route, the process allows for an application to be submitted to an alternative bank, or secondary bank of the business, if the need arises.

To fast track the process, SA Franchise Warehouse has established a Covid-19 customised on-line application portal, specifically set up for this purpose.

If you are interested in registering an application, please submit your details to me via e-mail and I can then lead you through an online personal application.