Westlake Primary School: Kind Leaders Group Program

Westlake Primary School: Kind Leaders Group Program

Promoting a culture of kindness and mindfulness amongst Westlake Primary School Leaders

Our Kind Leaders Group Program is designed to support student leaders who are interested in developing their own mindfulness practices and social and emotional skills as leaders in the school. Mindfulness practices, combined with social and emotional learning techniques, have direct relevance to leadership efficacy. The student leaders elevate their capacity to lead with compassion, empathy, resilience and clarity.

Benefits of the Kind Leaders Group Program
  • Cultivate student leaders’ capacity for self-awareness,
    sustained focus and adaptability
  • Improve relationship and communication with oneself
    and others
  • Increase self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Build skills to increase empathic capacities, skillful listening,
    management of conflicts and perspective taking
  • Improve overall health and sense of fulfillment

Proposed Budget to run for 1 year during school terms: R19,380
The budget below offers x1 facilitated, weekly Values-based Leadership
and Social and Emotional Learning session with 15 Prefects and a
core group of Xchange Connexion Adults. It is envisioned that by
supporting the prefects we can create a ripple effect of positive
behavioural change in the School.

This project has kindly been sponsored by Zwaanswyk Association
of Property Owners.


Ward 71, Cape Town