SOUL's Resource & Xchange Centre

SOUL's Resource & Xchange Centre

Many people in Westlake Community in Cape Town cannot afford to purchase brand new items they need including clothes, shoes, bedding etc. Whilst some Westlake residents can afford reduced prices to buy new or second hand goods, some simply can’t and an alternative form of ‘currency’ is necessary to enable them to access goods they need. Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (SOUL), created an Xchange Program to create this ‘currency’ and ensure that every able-bodied South African can access the resources they need.

In partnership with Xchange Connexion, we are growing our Xchange Program model in the Westlake Community.  Our goal is to have 50 Westlake residents on our Xchange Program by the end of 2018 and to measure the impact on their lives and the Westlake Community.

Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (SOUL) was founded in 2013 and aims to transform our giving culture in South Africa to grow an inclusive and sustainable nation; it does this through its Xchange Program which is being piloted in Westlake, Cape Town in partnership with Xchange Connexion. 

SOUL’s Xchange Program is based on a Give2Grow approach, encouraging community members to uplift themselves and their communities by participating in approved community projects or skills development programs. Through their participation they earn Xchange Points which they can use to access resources from our Resource and Xchange Centre which is stocked with donated new or second hand goods.

SOUL’s Xchange and Resource Centres form part of our long term strategy of making needs-based, new and quality second hand goods and donations available for those individuals with limited purchasing power and for Beneficiary Partners registered on the Xchange Program. Funds raised at the Centre enable SOUL to sustain the Xchange Program.

Services SOUL provides the Resource and Xchange Centre:

  • Sourcing resources for the Centre: We advocate for resources for our customers and Xchange Program Beneficiary Partners based on their needs. We engage with local businesses and residents to facilitate an easy donation portal;
  • Stock Control for the Resource and Xchange Centre: We collect, sort and manage distribution of donations;
  • Training: we work with our Westlake-based assistants to train them to work in the Centre, ensuring sound governance and good customer service.

How can you get involved or support?

  • Sponsor an individual onto the Xchange Program for R25 per month - Beneficiary Partners give one hour of their time to our #SaferCommunities Projects in Westlake so your R25 helps the individual and their community;
  • Donate quality new or second hand goods;
  • Donate food to SOUL's Xchange Resource Centre. In partnership with Xchange Connexion, SOUL is working to provide meals to the Xchange Program Beneficiaries in the Westlake Community;
  • Donate funds to help us grow the Xchange Program - these funds qualify for a tax certificate; and
  • Volunteer to help out on one of the approved projects.
If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Tracy Stallard on 082 071 5183 or

Ward 71, Cape Town