Our vision is a thriving, safe and inclusive South Africa - for all who live in it.

We realise our vision by working with like-minded partners to create partnerships that develop community projects. These projects put safety, social and economic inclusion, environmental sustainability, governance and policy at the centre of a Ward-community’s development.

Xchange Connexion was founded in July 2017 in Ward 71, Cape Town by Szilvia Holloway and Tracy Stallard.

Xchange Connexion partners believe that in order to realise our vision, we need a partnership model that redefines social responsibility and makes it easier for businesses and residences to work together to tackle South Africa’s socio-economic problems and grow safe, sustainable communities at a local and grassroots level.

To date, Xchange Connexion has focused on creating partnerships between non-profits active in Ward 71, Cape Town and establishing core infrastructure projects, as well as researching and developing projects. With foundation partnerships and core infrastructure now well established, Xchange Connexion is partnering with businesses and residences, as well as other stakeholder partners to sustain and grow the partnership model.

The Strategic Objectives are realised through 3 Partnerships which each have a focus area.

The #LoveWard Partnership is all about Connectivity: developing core community infrastructure The WEHAFS2WEALTH Partnership is all about Growth: developing a sustainable community The Legacy Partnership is all about Future-fit: developing a thriving community for future generations

Each Partnership has core Campaigns.


Ward 71, Cape Town