Xchange Connexion is a social enterprise connecting businesses and residences with grassroot organizations to grow their communities together.  

Through our Ward-based partnerships, we're developing community-driven projects that promote social cohesion, ensure economic inclusion and build a strong sense of community spirit! 

We believe that thriving, empowered and self-sustaining communities are the building blocks of a safe, prosperous and fully inclusive South Africa.  It's not about each doing our own thing. It's about sitting together, talking about our shared goals and collaborating to create sustainable solutions.

Be a part of your community's growth - partner with us today!

Featured Partners

Each month we feature partners who have have really gone the extra mile!

  • SOUL

    Non-profit PBO working to transform our giving culture in South Africa...

Featured Projects

Our featured projects section showcases local projects that have really made a positive impact in our community this last month or need our support in the month ahead!


Xchange Connexion

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